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CBD Hemp Rain

Next Level Hydration and Cannabinoid Wellness Support in a Bottle

Proper hydration is essential to life—day in and day out. Cannabinoids are essential to your endocannabinoid system, offering support for wellness. Now you can get the best of both in our hemp cannabinoid water options.
Created by a team of doctors, the unique formulations in CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™ deliver hydration and cellular nutrients in the most bioavailable form possible. Our waters are powered by cutting edge science for optimal cannabinoid wellness support. Applying quantum physics, our nanotechnology increases the surface area of each substance in our waters, so less is more. Plus, the cannabinoid particles themselves are made small enough for your body to optimally absorb them, with little to no waste. Supercharge your hydration with our CBD water!

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You know that drinking enough water is key to a healthy body and mind. But why not get overall wellness support while you’re at it?

No “High” with Our Waters

You can take your bottles of water everywhere your busy life requires. That’s because there is no psychotropic effect with CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™. The cannabinoid particles in our waters are derived from hemp, so they don’t produce the high related to THC products.

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The Nano Process

Nano-emulsification is what makes the cannabinoids in CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™ water-soluble and more bio-available. This process dramatically affects the absorbability of large, fat-soluble molecules like cannabidiol.
With most consumer products, 90% or more of the cannabinoid content is wasted because the body simply cannot absorb it all. All phytocannabinoid particles measure about 2,000 nanometers. Human cells can only absorb particles smaller than themselves that measure of 60-80 nanometers, at most. These molecules are still all natural, just 100x smaller by a proprietary process, as small as 16 nanometers according to recent lab tests. The body can utilize virtually all of the cannabinoid particles. So, when you hydrate with CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™, you can count on better absorption and superior hydration.

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Two Formulas to Choose From

Combined better hydration and cannabinoid support is only the beginning with CBD Naturals™. You can count on a pH 9+ level to help your body maintain a healthy alkaline balance. We also add Methylcobalamin, a plant-sourced Vitamin B12, for healthy metabolism and cellular support. Coenzyme Q10 adds antioxidant support, healthy metabolism, and energy production.
Hemp Rain™ delivers key ingredients for daily balance AND athletic performance and recovery. And you get it all in a BPA-Free bottle. This unique water is powered by Heneplex™, which combines the best of nanoamplified cannabinoid support and a proprietary blend of over 75 botanical terpenes. Terpenes act on receptors and neurotransmitters, activating the feel-good serotonin uptake inhibitors. Magnesium helps facilitate over 325 biochemical reactions in your body, helping alleviate muscle aches, cramps, fatigue, PMS, and much more. We also add potassium for electrolyte support and healthy nerve and muscle function, including regulating heartbeat. We add more electrolytes to help your body regulate fluids and further support muscles and nerves. You lose electrolytes with sweat and exertion, so it’s important to replace them. And with Hemp Rain™, you get them without the sugar or artificial sweeteners of most sports-drinks.

Support your overall wellness and take your hydration to the next level with CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™ waters for cannabinoid support!


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