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Nano-Amplified Cannabinoids Innovates Bottled Water – and Consumer Products

Water: It makes up nearly 75% of the human body and is essential for life.

Bottled water is everywhere you look these days. According to market research firm Mintel, the bottled water industry sales topped $15 billion in 2015. They expect those sales to increase by nearly 35 percent by 2020.

A Clear Choice in Bottled Water: CBD Naturals
Now Shipping Internationally Through Laguna Blends

As witnessed by the plethora of bottled water brands on store shelves, the popularity of bottled water has grown significantly. According to a recent report, Americans’ consumption of bottled water in 2015, is the equivalent of:

  • 1.7 billion half-liter bottles of water every week
  • -or- more than five bottles of water weekly for every man, woman, and child in the country
  • -or- one shrink-wrapped 24-pack of bottled water each week for a typical family of four

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Growing Popularity of Bottled Water – How to Choose?

Note: Categories of water are not what you may think.

  • Tap water is municipal water that comes out of the faucets and has been treated, processed, and disinfected. It is purified with chlorine and generally has added fluoride.
  • Distilled water can be any kind of water that has been vaporized and collected, leaving behind any solid residues, including minerals. Distilled water contains no minerals.
  • Reverse osmosis water is forced through membranes that remove larger particles, pollutants and minerals.
  • Deionized water has had ionized impurities and minerals removed from it but not bacteria or pathogens.
  • Spring water pertains to the origin: 100% of the water comes from an underground source (ex. a spring), rather than from surface water. Impurities must be removed at the bottling site stripping water of its natural benefits.

Consider A New Clear, Refreshing Choice: CBD Naturals

The clean, crisp, all-natural, premium bottled water with nano-amplified cannabinoids from Isodiol is CBD Naturals. This innovative high pH bottled water is also enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants.

Transforming Consumer Products with Nano-Amplified Cannabinoids

Isodiol’s proprietary delivery methods of cannabinoids range from suspending oil in water to timed-release of cannabinoids.
Nano-amplified cannabinoids are tiny, all-natural raw ingredient units exclusively supplied by Isodiol. While cells can only absorb particles of 60-80 nanometers, nano-amplified cannabinoids are as small as 16 nanometers. Therefore, bioavailability of nano-amplified cannabinoids is immediately possible.
“Oil is Thicker than Water” No Longer Applies
Consumers seeking hemp oil may envision a thick paste or products with the consistency of cooking oil. With Isodiol’s ability to microencapsulate and suspend hemp oil in water, a new category of cannabinoid-infused consumer products is now possible. In addition, Isodiol has developed a proprietary timed-release cannabinoid delivery system. The combination provides an entirely new consumer experience.

With the infusion of vitamins, antioxidants and microencapsulated nano-amplified cannabinoids in alkaline bottled water, CBD Naturals is able to immediately differentiate within the global bottled water industry.

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Laguna Blends Begins Shipping CBD Naturals Internationally

Yahoo Sports shared a major industry announcement: Isodiol’s proprietary nano-amplified cannabinoids have fostered U.S and international sales expansion of the Company’s joint venture, Carlsbad Naturals, LLC dba CBD Naturals, through Laguna Blends, Inc.’s international distribution channels. (CSE: LAG) (OTC: LAGBF) (Frankfurt: LB6A.F).

CBD Naturals is a widely recognized brand in the U.S. hemp-infused bottled water market and, through sales expansion by Laguna Blends, is positioned to become the international market leader.

For more information on Laguna Blends, visit the Company’s website www.lagunablends.com
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