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CBD Innovator and Supplier Isodiol Hosts “Cannabis vs. Opiates” Panel at the California Cannabis Business Expo

CBD vs opiates

March 8, 2017 – Carlsbad, CA – As Southern California’s most innovative hemp cannabinoid product manufacturer, Isodiol is proud to be associated with pro athletes and doctors at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego March 5-8. In addition to presenting innovative pharmaceutical grade and full-spectrum CBD finished products, Isodiol is sponsoring a panel […]

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Isodiol’s Hemp CBD-Infused Alkaline Water Offers Next Big Splash in the Functional Drink Market


It’s a new year and Isodiol is ready to make a splash in the functional drink market with its new wave of hemp CBD-infused alkaline waters. Everyone knows the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, healthy and even to lose weight, but not all water is created equal.

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Next Level Hydration and Cannabinoid Wellness Support in a Bottle

CBD wellness water

Proper hydration is essential to life—day in and day out. Cannabinoids are essential to your endocannabinoid system, offering support for wellness. Now you can get the best of both in our hemp cannabinoid water options. Created by a team of doctors, the unique formulations in CBD Naturals™ and Hemp Rain™ deliver hydration and cellular nutrients […]

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Nano Ultra™ Takes Cannabinoid Support to a Whole New Level

nano ultra cannabinoid support

Nano Ultra™ is a water-based concentrate that is powered by this science. It can be added to water-soluble products, like water and beverages, in general. It’s convenient to use and delivers optimal results. Not sure how to get the best value and results from cannabinoid products? Find out how science can help you decide. When […]

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Cebediol™ Simplifies and Maximizes CBD Wellness Benefits


In these busy modern lives we lead, everyone can benefit from getting the most from their efforts and having one less thing to think about. That applies to efforts we take for wellness, too. For that reason, we at Isodiol created Cebidiol™. With one single daily use, this unique formulation allows you to enjoy the […]

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HenePlex™ Delivers Great Value in a Synergistic Blend


Nano-amplified HenePlex™ offers superior delivery. This water-based proprietary blend of over 75 botanical terpenes and non-psychotropic cannabinoids is optimally bioavailable. Cutting edge scientific technology makes hemp-based products a user-friendly, great value. As the saying goes, facts are facts. And science trumps opinion every time. Isodiol remains at the cutting-edge of scientific technology when it comes […]

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Cannabinoids: Revolutionizing Sports PERFORMANCE

CBD sports performance

Athletes of all ages – from youth to the pros – push their bodies to the limit. Wear and tear are simply “par for the course”. It is likely that you’ve seen television commercials touting the swapping six to eight pain pills from Brand X for just two of Brand Y. Putting pain management under […]

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Can You Get High from Hemp or CBD Oil?

Does CBD oil get you high

Over the last few decades, marijuana has steadily gained popularity. And there is no going back. Still, despite all the media buzz about the health benefits of cannabis, it is still largely associated with psychotropic effects. Due to years of suppression of this plant, most people still assume getting medical assistance from cannabis – via […]

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Earthy Hemp Oil – A Relic by Today’s Standards

Hemp CBD

Cannabinoids are botanical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant; hemp oil and marijuana are from the cannabis species. Hemp and Cannabinoids For the same reasons why people seek decaffeinated coffee, non-psychoactive cannabinoids cannot get you “high” and could be viewed as a “decaf” cannabinoid. Hemp is a robust source of non-psychoactive cannabinoids but, […]