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Isodiol® offers turn-key business solutions to the growing consumer demand for premium CBD wellness products.

CBD Services

Bulk Ingredients

Isodiol Bulk Ingredients

The Innovating Supplier of CBD

Isodiol® bulk products deliver unique formulations that can be easily added to a variety of products, enhancing them with the powerful benefits of pure, natural CBD.

Bulk Ingredients Benefits:
• Formulation ready bulk ingredients for Topicals, Beverages, Pure Isolate, Beverage Powders

• Bulk formulas offer great bioavailability and can easily be added to flagship products

• Bulk supplier for Isolate

• Custom formulations available with our partnership labs and facilities

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Services

Leading Consumer Retail Brands

The Isodiol® family of brands offers a wide range of the highest quality CBD consumable and topical products. Quality products at competitive wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Benefits:
• Add a trusted, National CBD brand to your store.

• Competitive pricing with customer support.

• 3rd party testing with QR coded, on-demand COA’s available from any smartphone.

• Shelf ready, branded, retail kits available.

• Our powerful CBD products in finished form, developed for multiple demographics.

White Label Products

Whitelabel Services

Our Formulas Your Brand

The Isodiol® ready to label program offers a full range of CBD products ready to be added or developed for your brand. We offer a full service design team to work with you to develop your brand from scratch, or we can supply you with the design templates.

Ready to Label Benefits:
• Launch your own brand of premium CBD products.

• Large selection of Health & Wellness, Personal Care, and Pet Care products.

• Create and add your own branding.

• Custom formulation available.

At Isodiol®, we’re proud to offer the highest quality hemp derived CBD – from seed to finished product.

Our various proprietary formulas that power our products and delivery systems, all start with pure, nutraceutical grade CBD and are backed by third party testing lab results and on demand COA’s.

We didn’t become a global leader in the production and distribution of CBD by accident. Quality is at the core of everything that we do at Isodiol®, and we offer our support to you.

ISODIOL® Premium Product Advantage


Superior ingredients equal higher performing end products and greater profitability:

• Better functionality, unique delivery systems,
inspired results
• Differentiation drives industry positioning

Consistent, high quality and reliable supply creates consumer and cost advantages:

• Consistent quality brand experience
• Improved operational efficiency

As CBD science and technology advance, so do we. CBD is a powerful wellness supplement, but everyBODY is different and demands a broad spectrum of support. That’s why we offer CBD…and so much more! While we offer straight CBD options, our unique products are also developed with complementary herbal formulations, vitamins, minerals and/or other key ingredients to create synergy for your complete wellness goals. We customize CBD formulations and delivery systems specifically for each of our topical products to offer optimal results…so we can all Live Healthier, Naturally!

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