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Isodiol® produces only the highest-quality raw CBD ingredients, formulated oils, cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical-grade products. All of our products include a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Quality & consistency guarantee from seed to shelf.


At Isodiol, we have perfected the process of extracting 99.6% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD from mature stalks of the hemp plant, and have received significant recognition for our work. As a leader in the development and sales of CBD-based pharmaceutical and consumer wellness products, we maintain exclusive and unrestricted access to large scale hemp production capacity and leverage our patented, natural, and GMP extraction methods. This process is what allows us to stand behind the quality and efficacy of every product that we produce.

Industry Leading Products


We are proud to offer the purest, most bio-available CBD in all Isodiol® products. Sourced with care from Seed to Isolate, we begin with the most exceptional quality, organic, NON-GMO industrial hemp.

We are committed to:


Customer Support

Professional account managers assigned to every account providing tailored support unique to you ensuring a successful partnership.



High performing products powered by Isodiol CBD technology to help provide healthier lives, naturally.


Quality Ingredients

Quality products that are effective giving you a brand you can trust and rely on in a partnership.

Account managers provide customized support that is tailored to every wholesale partner’s unique goals. Industry leading products that are powered by Isodiol’s® proprietary technology for consistent results.

Isodiol® Family of Brands

Isodiol® offers a variety of unique brands and product delivery system options to choose from to help you reach your target audience.


Our exclusive 7-step skincare program combines the power of hemp CBD with vitamins, botanicals, anti-aging peptides and other natural ingredients. CannaCeuticals is the FIRST to offer these powerful blends in a proprietary micro-encapsulated, time-released delivery system for faster, more noticeable results. CannaCeuticals was created to help our customers love their skin again!


We created our CBDXTREME™ line to help you power through your days with the best of science and nature. Crafted with THC-free hemp CBD, adaptogenic herbs and other powerful nutrients, these natural products are the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.


ISODERM™ Neuro Support products may improve neurologic function and deliver natural pain and inflammation relief with our unique, non-systemic delivery system. Direct Effects™ advanced technology means active ingredients penetrate the skin in their most bioavailable form and go to work directly on free nerve endings, bypassing the blood brain barrier.


Equinibidiol™ is a blend of NUTRA99™ CBD and MCT oil derived from organic coconuts. Each 64oz. bottle contains 3200mg of CBD extracted from Hemp grown in the US. At 50mg per 1 fluid ounce, Equinibidiol™ has one of the highest concentrations of CBD among similar products available in the market. Equinibidiol™ always undergoes third party lab testing and is guaranteed for purity and safety.


We created our hemp-CBD based high performance ISO-SPORT™ line to support the unique needs of athletes across the board. With a highly concentrated blend of CBD, vitamins, herbs and other natural ingredients, our unique nutrition line supports mind and body wellness, systemic balance and cognitive function for peak performance.


We combine Adaptogenic Herbs with CBD and other key ingredients in our Pawceuticals™ formulas for powerful results. Adaptogens are pharmaceutically approved herbs.

For functional support these specific herbs are the perfect combination and work together with the potential benefits of CBD.


We created Pot~O~Coffee™ as a savory, delicious way to enjoy coffee while getting the potential benefits of hemp CBD. Our premium quality beans are sourced from small farms with full transparency and roasted to perfection by our team of award-winning Roasters. We use THC-free hemp CBD in its most deliverable forms for consistent, reliable delivery.


A premier CBD brand formulated to help maintain “overall health and wellness”, RapidCBD® products feature a proprietary blend of CBD ensuring powerful delivery in a variety of products. Isodiol’s® original product line featuring 99.9% pure CBD in nine different powerful formulas for wellness benefits.

Consumers Want Quality CBD

Comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals, Isodiol is committed to bringing cannabinoid oil to the global market. By working in collaboration with talented farmers, chemists, technicians, professors and businesses, Isodiol produces the highest quality CBD products available.

With the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill, CBD may grow to a $2.1 Billion market in consumer sales by 2020, according to Forbes.

This speaks to a growing consumer shift from prescriptions to all-natural, non-addictive remedies.

9-plus years of driving CBD functionality and innovation in specialized formulations for supplements, beverages, transdermal applications, and more.

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