Chill in flavor with CBD edibles

Available in Sour Rainbow Belt, Sour Watermelon Candy, and Sour Sweet Chews. 150mg CBD per bag.

$14.99 a bag

ChewIT TM Variety Pack

Sample an assortment of flavorful ChewIT TM high quality CBD chews and gummies with this variety pack. These are more than just edibles!
150 mg CBD per bag

Limited Offer $24.99


Experience the powerful benefits of CBD in this variety pack featuring ChewIT TM CBD gummies and the dynamic energy of AMP’D UP TM energy shots.
150 mg CBD per bag

Limited Offer $49.99


Chew on the powerful benefits of CBD with delicious ChewIT TM CBD gummies in a variety of fruit flavors. How sweet it is indeed!
150 mg CBD per bag

$14.99 a bag

Save on ChewIT with purchase of AMP'D UP 12-pack energy shots.

AddIT full-spectrum hemp oil additive – large


Different strengths for different lifestyles. AddIT ™ is a full-spectrum hemp oil that can be added to your favorite vape juice or foods and beverages.

VapeIT flavored CBD e-liquid – large

VAPEit - Flavored

Offering delicious CBD e-liquids featuring an array of tasty flavors designed to enhance your vape experience.

VapeIT adaptogenic CBD e-liquid – large

VAPEit - Adaptogenic

Boost your wellness and support overall function with a blend of adaptogenic herbs and powerful cannabinoids – in an e-liquid!


Delivering caffeine, CBD, and natural vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, Amp’d UP ™ packs a hemp-based punch in an energy shot.


Drink to your health with the powerful benefits of hemp. CBDXtreme ™ H20 also provides hydration at a higher pH level to help neutralize acids in the body.


150mg CBD per bag, ChewIT gummies promote wellness and relaxation.

CBDXtreme TM is at the forefront of delivering the benefits of hemp to enhance your lifestyle. Powered by pure CBD by Isodiol®, CBDXtreme TM brings you dynamic hemp-based consumable products.



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