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Isodiol's transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company of Canada.
Toronto Office Address:
100 University Ave, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5J 2Y1
Phone: 1-888-453-0330

Investors may transfer their units or change their address through Computershare, Isodiols’s transfer agent.

Toronto Office Address:
100 University Ave, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5J 2Y1
Phone: 1-888-453-0330

Shares must be purchased on the open market through a broker or an online trading platform. Isodiol trades under ISOL, in Canada ISOLF in the United States of America, and LB6AF in Germany.
Shares cannot be purchased directly from the company.

Isodiol's shares trade on the CSE in Canada, OTCQB in the United State, and FSE in Germany.

Isodiol’s financial statements can be found by searching Isodiol through

If you have lost your share certificate, contact Computershare, Isodiol's transfer agent.
Toronto Office Address:

100 University Ave, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5J 2Y1
Phone: 1-888-453-0330

Research on Isodiol can be done through or the

A proxy will be mailed prior to the next AGM

D&H Group LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants

Isodiol's press releases can be found at:

Warrants are exercised through Computershare, Isodiol's transfer agent.
Toronto Office Address:

100 University Ave, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5J 2Y1
Phone: 1-888-453-0330

Isodiol's current share price can be found on

Isodiol’s business plan is to establish total vertical integration from seed to shelf which has culminated in the acquisition of its own retail store platform to help ensure that the Company’s key innovations make it to market. The acquisition of Kure and the expansion of the CBD store-within-a-store concept fast tracks the company’s ambitions to bring CBD products to the mass market. With this unique positioning and the CBD sector developing at a pace that is projected to outperform recreational and medical cannabis, the Company believes it can scale up and capitalize on market penetration quicker than its competitors. Kure adds a vertical dimension to Isodiol that no other CBD company has.

The company has issued a press release surrounding this question. CLICK HERE for more information.

Isodiol is a THC free company and has no plans to expand in to THC. Kure will follow the business plan of Isodiol.

The company is working with its legal team to determine if it will bring a legal claim against Compass Cannabis Clinic for repudiation of the Definitive Agreement to acquire 19.9% equity in Compass, which had been previously announced on April 19, 2018.

Isodiol will continue to build distribution and retail partnerships in domestic and international markets in various exclusive and non-exclusive agreements depending on the nature of the agreement.

Iso-Sport will not disclose particular contractual commitments to the public with certain athletes and brand ambassadors for competitive reasons; however, we advise that part of the Company’s business plan includes paid endorsement agreements.

Yes, Iso-Sport products are THC-FREE and can be used by Cage Warrior athletes. Please follow Iso-Sport and Cage Warriors on Instagram for more information. Athletes outside of Cage Warriors who would like to use Iso-Sport products should consult their league rules when it comes to CBD.

Yes, Azure currently produces the Company’s Iso-Sport Water and CBDXtreme H2O, as well as provides contract manufacturing services for CBD infused water brands.

The team at Azure Water specializes in creating custom labeled bottled water for private label companies and co-packers. They also create custom labeled bottled water for promotional or special events. Azure’s core business model focuses on distribution on the East Coast and the Company is currently looking at expansion plans.

According to PayPal’s User Agreement, processing payments for CBD is a direct violation of their terms and conditions.

The company is constantly exploring new payment options for its customers to be able to pay.

Isodiol has decided to focus on the manufacturing of CBD derived from hemp versus alternative sources such as novel hop strains. This decision is due to recent favorable legislative and regulatory developments legalizing hemp, new agricultural opportunities that are making hemp commercially more affordable, and clinical data that is providing pharmaceutical certainty about the health benefits and safety of hemp-derived CBD. This strategic shift includes termination of the Company’s nonproductive licensing arrangement with Peak Health Centers.

Isodiol is currently working with its German distributor to improve inventory levels

Isodiol is currently exploring expansion plans in to Australia and anticipates the potential of launching operations in the Q4 - 2018 calendar year.

Isodiol doesn’t currently have expansion plans for S. Korea; however, it is working on strategic partnerships to contract manufacture products for that market.

Isodiol’s acquisitions of Farmtiva, LLC and Round Mountain Technologies, LLC and the Company’s previously announced expansion of a new facility in China are intended to create a unique captive supply to satisfy our current and future extraction needs. The Company is allocating additional resources to its ongoing global expansion which includes the anticipated approval of its subsidiary, Canadian National Pharma Group, Inc., as a certified Licensed Dealer (LD) by Health Canada, which will open new import, export, manufacturing, and distribution opportunities for the Company in Canada and beyond.

Currently, Isodiol’s licensing contract with Level Brands only includes Health and Wellness products. The Company works very closely with Kathy Ireland Worldwide and Level Brands; together, we are continuously exploring new opportunities.

Isodiol, BSPG Labs and Purodiol Brazil have strategic relationships with multiple universities and research groups conducting on-going research, studies and trials with the Company’s approved Active-Pharmaceutical-Ingredient. When the research becomes public, the Company will share the data publicly. Below are several links of currently published information:

LiveCare allows patients to get connected with a doctor and healthcare systems via their phone or computer to consult about the potential of using cannabis for their specific condition. Unfortunately, many doctors today are not well versed with the use of cannabis for medical treatment. LiveCare has been strategically working with its network of doctors to be able to offer easier access for patients looking for doctors who focus on cannabis treatments.

Isodiol is currently exploring opportunities with LiveCare to use the platform in clinical studies and trials that use the Company’s approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

Isodiol’s legal and regulatory teams are constantly monitoring the laws and regulations surrounding CBD. Unfortunately, at this time claims are not permitted in many countries that Isodiol engages in business and reviews on corporate sites are normally considered claims by most regulatory agencies.

Namaste remains a valued business partner of Isodiol and as more news becomes available between both companies, we intend to issue joint press releases.

The press release can be viewed here

Recently, Isodiol began offering a THC-Free, multi-spectrum hemp oil known as Multispectrum Hemp Oil which is available for purchase in bulk to be used in formulations. Currently, Isodiol offers one product that uses this bulk ingredient combined with organic MCT oil and is known as MCT1000. MCT1000 is a daily use product to help support overall health and wellness.

Isodiol is continuously exploring and developing new extraction processes of non THC cannabinoids.

Isodiol’s legal and regulatory teams are currently revising labels for many of the products to meet larger distribution opportunities in Ireland, The U.K., Netherlands and Germany. The Company will continue to expand its sales and distribution channels as new markets emerge.

Isodiol’s goal is to continue to have Isoderm available for purchase on its websites and through its retail partners.

Isodiol has received ANVISA approval in Brazil for treatment of Epilepsy and Parkinson’s on Isodiolex. The Company is currently exploring other opportunities outside of Brazil to receive regulatory approvals.

The Company uses outside resources to expand its business through mergers and acquisitions. The outside resources help to find new acquisitions and increase fundamental values of the acquisitions after the deal closes.

All fees paid are within the guidelines of the CSE and are approved by the Company’s Board. Typically, the Company prefers to pay these fees in stock to conserve the Company’s cash; however, some deals do require cash payments.

The Board of Directors evaluates current market conditions as well as if there are any strategic value being provided by the investors. All private placements are within the guidelines of the CSE.

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