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ISODERM™ is a powerful topical neurological formula that utilizes Direct Effects™ technology, a patented delivery system. With this innovative system, the CBD-based proprietary blend of ISODERM™ is applied directly to the back of the neck for rapid absorption. It may offer temporary relief from headaches, body pain and joint pain, as well as relief from nervous system disorders.
Neuro Support
CBD (Cannabidiol)
NEURO SUPPORT with CBD delivers soothing, rapid relief in a powerful THC-free formulation.
Neuro Support
CBD & 1.5% β-caryophyllene
NEURO SUPPORT with CBD and β-caryophyllene provides balanced relief and support when applied to the back of the neck.
Neuro Support
3% β-caryophyllene
NEURO SUPPORT with β-caryophyllene delivers all-natural relief specially formulated to work fast.
Ronald Aung-Din, MD
Neurologist & Neuropsychiatrist Clinical Researcher of Cannabinoids

Dr. Ronald Aung-Din has practiced General Neurology and Neuropsychiatry for over 25 years. He is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is a member of the American Academy of Neurology. His extensive educational resume and includes multiple degrees in the health and science fields as well as fellowships and residencies with internationally-acclaimed hospitals and schools of medicine.

Dr. Aung-Din has participated in over 60 pharmaceutical industry-sponsored clinical trials, helping bring to market current drugs for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), epilepsy, post-herpetic neuralgia, and other neurologic conditions. He currently serves as Principal Investigator in a number of ongoing drug research studies and is the Founder and Research Director of the Tourette’s Research Institute.

Dr. Aung-Din is active in treating varied neurological and psychiatric conditions using delivery of Central Nervous System-active drugs with Direct Effects™ topical delivery, a unique technology he developed. To date, seven (7) patents for Direct Effects™ have been granted in the United States, Europe, and Australia with others filed and pending.

Direct Effects Technology™

ISODERM™ with Direct Effects™ technology offers the most effective and bioavailable form of CBD on the market today. With a truly innovative delivery method, Direct Effects™ allows neuroactive drugs to directly affect nerve tissue, bypassing traditional means of absorption.

Direct Effects™ utilizes advanced BONATH™ (Back of the Neck at the Hairline) delivery and works rapidly for headaches, body and joint pain, and nervous system disorders.

  • Faster-acting than traditional delivery methods
  • Vastly reduces side effects
  • Enhances overall efficacy
  • Non-psychoactive
Directions for Use:

Apply 1-3 pumps to the back of the neck at the hairline once or twice daily or as recommended by a physician.

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