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At Isodiol we want to provide our customers with cannabinoid products for every aspect of their lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for something to help cope with muscle inflammation, getting to sleep at night quicker, faster recovery times, or even just to improve your skin there’s something here for everybody. Don’t think CBD is just for professional athletes, though, CBD hemp oil has been shown to provide long term health benefits for everyone. Isodiol stock a wide variety of Hemp oil based products, including body balms, oil tinctures, creams, Nanomist oral sprays and much more.

At Isodiol we don’t believe in shortcuts and know our customers want only the best. That’s why every effort goes into making products that use the most up to date quality controls and standards. This devotion to manufacturing excellence extends to our materials, too. Each Isodiol product is manufactured to the very highest standards with only European Certified Organic Hemp.

Available In The United States and around the world.

  • Bioactive Isoderm Cream

    Bioactive Isoderm™ Cream

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  • Bioactive Rapid Cream Fast Pain Relief

    Bioactive Rapid Cream™

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  • Bioactive Rapid Patch

    Bioactive Rapid Patch™

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  • Bioactive Vitamin CBD

    Bioactive Vitamin C | B12 | D3 Caps™

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  • Adaptogenic Hemp Oil Tincture

    Bioactive Adaptogenic Herbal Tincture™

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  • Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture

    Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™

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  • Bioactive Nanomist

    Bioactive NanoMist™

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