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Isodiol Is Your Number One Source For Wholesale CBD Crystals And Bulk CBD Oil

Isodiol’s Hemp-Derived Pure CBD Products Provide The Best Option For Those Who Seek A THC-FREE™, Safe, Sustainable And Non-Psychoactive Source Of CBD.

Isodiol also offers a growing line of retail CBD products to suit customer lifestyles and preferences.

These end consumer products are also available to our White Label customers. No need to research and develop your own products, Isodiol has done the work for you!

Our pure CBD oil, CBD Isolate, and other consumer and bulk CBD products deliver cannabidiol through a variety of delivery systems: CBD Crystals, CBD Oil, CBD Sprays, CBD for Discomfort, CBD Isolate and Water Soluble NanoCBD Hemp Oil products.

Isodiol Offers The Highest Quality CBD Crystalline And Bulk CBD Oil In The Hemp Industry.

The Isodiol Promise

Isodiol strives to always offer accurate and objective information about cannabis, hemp, CBD, and other phytocannabinoids. Isodiol encourages the vibrant growth of the hemp industry while providing up-to-date information to the public concerning this plant.

Our goal is to fight the spread of misinformation concerning CBD, online or otherwise, which only serves to potentially harm consumers and legitimate producers of legal hemp-derived CBD products. We are committed to never exaggerating any scientific data on this subject, and to encourage others in the industry and on line to follow our example.

Education is our collective responsibility. Changing the public perception by arming people with the facts will ultimately provide the most success in terms of influencing public policy regarding agricultural hemp.

Isodiol’s Most Popular CBD Products

We Take Pride In Our Products

Isodiol Lab Tested
Our CBD products are third party lab tested. All of our products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure the quality of our products
Private Label CBD Manufacturing
We use state of the art manufacturing facilities and packaging services for private label, ready to label, and custom label product solutions
Isodiol Non-GMO CBD extract
Our CBD products are made from pure, natural ingredients and are NON-GMO
Isodiol Legal Image
We do everything we can to ensure that our products and process are in compliance both domestically and internationally
Isodiol Cares
We have compassionate care programs allowing people that really need to have the benefits of CBD at specialized compassion rates
Accurate concentration
We guarantee the accurate concentration (%) of CBD
THC Free CBD oil
Our CBD products are All Natural, THC FREE, Non-Toxic, Non-Psychoactive, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Food Grade Edible CBD
Our Hemp Oil is certified as Food-Grade and is edible and safe for consumption