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Isodiol Launches IsoSport™ Product Line with Rebound Magazine at NBA All Star Weekend

San Diego, CA, February 16, 2017 – Partnering with Rebound Magazine, Isodiol unveils its new IsoSport™ line of hemp-infused high performance products for athletes at the NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans, LA. This year’s star-studded weekend runs Friday, February 17 through Sunday the 19th. IsoSport™ is proud to be part of this event and looks forward to supporting the athletes and fans that will be in attendance for everything from an All-Star Celebrity Game to community outreach events.

Isodiol created IsoSport™ to support the unique performance and recovery needs of professional and prosumer athletes. The THC-free hemp-based nutrition line supports both mind and body wellness and serves to facilitate systemic balance and cognitive function for optimal performance.

These products are powered by the nanotechnology of Heneplex™ and Cebediol™ for maximum benefits, delivering phytocannabinoids and other essentials in their most bioavailable form: product line up

  • ISOEase – Capsules for long-lasting relief from pain, tension and discomfort. Proprietary blend of powerful CBD99™ crystalline formula, adaptogenic herbs and cartilage support.
  • ISODrops – Beverage enhancer with full spectrum phytocannabinoids, including CBD, and over 75 botanical terpenes.
  • ISOHydrate – Hemp CBD water beverage for hydration and cellular nutrients in the most bioavailable form.
  • ISOMend – Topical cream for lasting pain relief with microencapsulated hemp CBD in a time-released formulation along with menthol, homeopathics, and other key ingredients.
  • ISOGuard – Oral spray for rejuvenation of body and mind. Delivers CBD and other full spectrum phytocannabinoids, over 75 botanical terpenes and adaptogenic herbs.
  • Pro369 – Functional beverage or meal replacement shake with 13 grams of superior hemp protein, Ginseng, and Omega fatty acids. Pro369 was created with a strategic alliance between Naturally Splendid biotechnology company and Laguna Blends hemp wellness company. logoThe IsoSport™ line will be featured in the in NBA Allstar Legends Lounge, where members can sample the products while socializing. Now in its sixth year, Rebound Magazine unveiled the IsoSport™ line in early February. With its tagline, “By a Player, About the Players, For the Players and Fans”, it is the official publication of the National Basketball Retired Players Association/NBRPA. Founder of Rebound Magazine Matt Fish is a former NBA athlete and currently the President of the NBRPA, Phoenix Chapter. He will be present at the All Star Weekend, providing media coverage via the magazine and Voice America, through both its .com and .tv entities.

“We are proud to align with Rebound Magazine and to support athletes of all levels,” says Isodiol CEO Jared Berry. “Since our inception several years ago, we have continually made every effort to remain on the cutting edge of science and technology in the hemp CBD industry. We see that commitment as our way of serving the greater good of people everywhere. Bringing these benefits to the athletic world now with IsoSport™, we feel confident about our work in this growing cannabis wellness industry.”

The NBRPA celebrates its 25th Anniversary on this weekend, as well, commemorating it with various special events and festivities celebrating its long list of achievements and giving back to the community. An exclusive Legends of Basketball Welcome Reception at Harrah’s Casino opens the Legends All Star Weekend on Friday evening. The signature 18th Annual Legends Brunch takes place on All-Star Sunday, February 19, at the New Orleans Convention Center. Over 4000 people will attend this televised event on NBA TV. Other events include a scholarship competition, an active day of community service, and much more.


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About IsoSport™

IsoSport™ is a hemp-based line of high-performance products designed to support the unique needs of professional and prosumer athletes. These powerful lifestyle products address common issues associated with athleticism and help to support a healthy, peak-performing body and mind. With a highly concentrated blend of nano-phytocannabinoids and other essentials, IsoSport™ products are formulated to perform quickly and effectively. Learn more here:

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