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Dark Hemp Oil

Earthy Hemp Oil – A Relic by Today’s Standards

Cannabinoids are botanical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant; hemp oil and marijuana are from the cannabis species.

Hemp and Cannabinoids

For the same reasons why people seek decaffeinated coffee, non-psychoactive cannabinoids cannot get you “high” and could be viewed as a “decaf” cannabinoid. Hemp is a robust source of non-psychoactive cannabinoids but, due to decades of misinformation, many people mistake the 85+ cannabinoids found in hemp along with their distinct purpose – individually and combined.

As the public and consumers learn the truth about cannabis and hemp, demand has increased leaving hemp more popular than ever. A recent industry report published by the Hemp Business Journal, available through the National Hemp Association, indicates U.S. hemp industry sales topped $593 million in 2015 and are on pace to reach $1.8 billion by 2020.

Consumers no longer seek hemp for just fiber or textiles.

Anyone can visit the local market and see hemp seeds, hemp milk and hemp protein displayed on store shelves or cold pressed hemp seed oil in the refrigerated section. Now, if you’ve tried to mask that cold pressed hemp seed oil it in your smoothie, you’ll agree that it has quite an “earthy” taste.


There is good news for consumers seeking new hemp products rich in cannabinoids.

high cbd content hemp oil

Did you know that advances in science made it possible to suspend hemp cannabinoids in water? Today’s cannabis enlightened consumers are now able to add hemp cannabinoids to their daily diets and health regimens in ways previously unimagined. The adage “oil is thicker than water” no longer applies – to hemp.

The microencapsulated nano-amplification production process of suspending hemp cannabinoid molecules in water involves extracting fatty acids from the stalk and seed of hemp plants. This extract allows cannabinoid-rich hemp oil to be delivered in a wide range of consumer products from luxury skincare and cosmetics to water and water enhancers – without the “earthy” taste.

In topical form, the light, non-greasy feel of microencapsulated nano-amplified hemp cannabinoids is quite pleasing and much different than hemp oil in its raw form. In bottled water, the refreshing taste and experience will leave you reaching for another clean, crisp drink of pure, natural hydration. The light flavor of oral mists and tinctures is truly surprising.

Try micro-encapsulated nano-amplified hemp cannabinoids for yourself. We think you just may ask yourself, “Is there really hemp in this?”
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