Cebidiol Bottle

Cebediol™ Simplifies and Maximizes CBD Wellness Benefits

In these busy modern lives we lead, everyone can benefit from getting the most from their efforts and having one less thing to think about. That applies to efforts we take for wellness, too. For that reason, we at Isodiol created Cebidiol™. With one single daily use, this unique formulation allows you to enjoy the cannabinoid benefits that your endocannabinoid system is wired to receive all day long. Cebidiol™ is effective in cosmetic formulations and transdermal products and is made with Kosher ingredients.

Consistency is key to success with any endeavor, including efforts toward increased wellness. This product delivers results to get you there day in and day out.

Cebidiol™ takes skin-delivery technology to a new level. This proprietary formulation for topicals makes the active ingredients more effective and the results more consistent. That’s because we micro-encapsulate the active particles into layers, which means time-released benefits throughout the day.

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How does Cebidiol™ work?

The cannabinoid particles in Cebidiol™ are self-enclosed. The encapsulated particle cluster is suspended in a given solution for topical application, which is released at intervals.

Encapsulation makes permeation through the skin more effective. The easily absorbable formulation eliminates any possible irritation and optimizes each and every dose. Delivery is more effective due to the powerful concentration and duration on the dermis and epidermis. And the encapsulated material won’t metabolically degrade because it is protected by the liposomes. The liposomal encapsulation is ideal for ointments, creams, gels, and lotions.

Why is multi-layer encapsulation more effective?

Quite simply, the science behind this type of encapsulation makes any product to which Cebidiol™ is added more effective.

Ingredients are more soluble and stable
Permeation through the skin is improved
Ingredients are protected and won’t degrade


How to use Cebediol™

Cebediol™ is the ideal cannabinoid component of any topical applications/solutions. It delivers optimal results in any products that address a variety of consumer needs and the wear and tear of daily life.

At Isodiol, several of our products are powered by the efficacy of Cebidiol™. RelaxCBD™ combines this formula with the benefit of Asian herbs for balance and relaxation. RenewCBD™ delivers aromatherapy along with the calming bursts of cannabinoid for increased vitality.

Cebediol™ itself is available in two sizes. 1-l and 10mL. This larger size is perfect for product formulations for manufacturers.

At Isodiol, we work consistently to bring consumers and manufacturers the benefits of being at the cutting edge of technology. That means greater CBD wellness benefits for anyone using our products. We look forward to your feedback and questions.


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