CBD Sports Performance

Cannabinoids: Revolutionizing Sports PERFORMANCE

Athletes of all ages – from youth to the pros – push their bodies to the limit. Wear and tear are simply “par for the course”. It is likely that you’ve seen television commercials touting the swapping six to eight pain pills from Brand X for just two of Brand Y. Putting pain management under a microscope, what could possibly be wrong with that?

NSAIDs: Heart Attack & Stroke Warnings

The government stated, “Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are available by prescription and over-the-counter (OTC). They are used to relieve fever and pain, such as those associated with headaches, colds, flu, and arthritis. Examples of prescription NSAIDs include ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, and celecoxib. Ibuprofen and naproxen are also available OTC at lower strengths.”
For purposes of this discussion, over-the-counter NSAIDs are just “scratching the surface” when it comes to the nation’s problem with pain killers.
Note: The government issued warnings of heart attacks and stroke from NSAIDS.

Opioid addiction and CBD

Opioids: A National Epidemic

Prescription opioids are even more “potent” pain killers than NSAIDs. Did you know that 2.1 million est. Americans are addicted to opioid painkillers and another half million are addicted to heroin? Dr. David Kessler, former head of the U.S. FDA stated, “This has been one of the great mistakes of modern medicine.” Kessler went on to say opioid addiction in the U.S. amounts to an epidemic. 78 people in the U.S. die daily from opioid overdose.
The nation’s opioid epidemic didn’t start in a shady back alley. Shockingly, opioid addiction begins in the doctor’s office, states Dr. David Tonkin, a renowned pain specialist who advocates for cannabinoids as a non-addictive alternative.
Athletes treat their bodies with the utmost respect. It should come as no surprise that many athletes are taking a stand in support of non-habit forming cannabis for pain management over opioids and other analgesics. Before we look ahead to cannabis use in sports today, let’s first take a look back.

CBD for pain

Hemp History

Hemp is from the cannabis plant species and cannabis for medicinal use dates back to the ancient Chinese emperor, Shen-Nung (c.2700 B.C.).
Psychology Today cites, “According to legend, Shen-Nung tried poisons and their antidotes on himself and then compiled the medical encyclopedia called, Pen Ts’ao. The Pen Ts’ao list hundreds of drugs derived from vegetable, animal and mineral sources.” Included is the plant cannabis or “ma”.
The publication continues, “During the second century A.D., the Chinese surgeon, Hua T’o, began to use cannabis as an anesthesia. He combined cannabis resin with wine (ma-yo) and used it to reduce pain during surgery. He performed painful organ drafts, resectioning of the intestines, loin incisions, and chest incisions while the patient was anesthetized with ma-yo.”
Forwarding to today, as an alternative to NSAIDs and opioids, it appears that the “new” botanical that athletes need to be aware of is “ma”. With “ma” or marijuana prohibition lifting, many professional athletes from the MMA to the NFL are praising the plant for its non-addictive, palliative properties. Marijuana, however, is not legally available everywhere in the U.S. and it is banned from use in professional sports.

CBD sports performance pain

Hemp: A Game Changer in Sports

Much like oranges and lemons are citrus, hemp and marijuana are cannabis. The critical differentiating factor between hemp and marijuana is the level of cannabinoids that make up each plant. Cannabinoids are natural components of cannabis that include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – widely known for its psychotropic nature that gets consumers “buzzed” or “high”. On the opposite side of the spectrum is cannabidiol (CBD), the naturally abundant non-psychotropic component of the hemp plant. Just a few minutes of research will explain why people around the world are seeking the cannabinoid CBD from hemp.

Marvin Washington

Marvin Washington & Isodiol Team, Revolutionize Sports PERFORMANCE

Recently featured by USA Today – https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/columnist/bell/2016/11/16/medical-marijuana-nfl-pain-management-alternative-opiod/93994762/ – Marvin Washington, an 11-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl champion, has committed his life to cannabis education, research and advocacy in sports to “make the game safer”. Washington has been quoted that he’s seen many professional athletes, “….walk away from the game addicted to prescription pain medication but none were addicted to marijuana.”
For athletes around the world ages youth to seniors, Marvin Washington just leveled the playing field – with nano-amplified cannabinoids from Isodiol.
ISODIOL PERFORMANCE is a revolutionary new THC-free sports nutrition and pain management product line that includes water soluble, nano-amplified CBD. Unique to Isodiol, Nano CBD is a revolutionary “game changer” because today’s consumer demands immediate results. ISODIOL PERFORMANCE delivers immediate results with every use. The current product line ranges from:

  • THC free hemp CBDISODrops: A full-spectrum, nano-amplified phytocannabinoid beverage enhancer designed to add balance to your active lifestyle, ISODrops are convenient and easy to use. Simply add 1-5 drops to your favorite beverage or protein shake and enjoy.
  • ISOHydrate: This cutting-edge, all-natural hydration beverage takes water to a whole new level. ISOHydrate combines science and nutrition to hydrate in a highly effective way. Powered by phytocannabinoids, d-Ribose, Methyl B12, CoQ10, and electrolytes, ISOHydrate will help you stay hydrated and healthy during every athletic performance.
  • ISOMend: An innovative, instant working cooling gel, ISOMend is designed to help mend and soothe discomfort before and after physical activities. Powered by Cebidiol — a micro-encapsulated, time-release CBD skin care delivery technology and menthol — ISOMend is guaranteed to provide fast results.
  • ISOGuard: This melon flavored oral mist incorporates a proprietary blend of masterfully combined adaptogenic herbs synergistically paired with the advanced science of Heneplex™, a nano-amplified hemp complex, designed to help alleviate discomfort and tension naturally from any physical activity.

Curious about Cannabis in Sports?

Through Marvin Washington’s PERFORMANCE sports product line, nano-amplified cannabinoids are now available everywhere in the world where hemp products are sold.
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