Hemp Oil for Hair

Hemp Oil for Hair

Hemp oil is a great food supplement, can help you overcome anxiety and stress, and has been found to positively influence recovery times for athletes. So would it surprise you to learn that hemp can do so much for your hair, too? Hemp oil contains a ton of nutrients that could benefit your hair. Fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and a whole host of other components that can offer your hair the protection it needs. It’s surprising really that so many people overlook the potential of hemp for hair care. Using hemp oil for hair is easily done as it goes wonderfully as an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, and oil gels. Maybe after reading this list, you might even consider incorporating hemp oil into a hair mask.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Your hair, my hair, everyone’s hair is made from keratin. Most of this is a protein which hemp oil can help with the growth of. This is largely due to the presence of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. These fatty acids are wonderful for assisting in the growth of hair. And the oil improves blood circulation around the scalp naturally ensuring that your hair has enough support to grow.

Strengthens Hair

There is nothing more annoying than trying to grow your hair out only for it to break and become less shiny. It’s simply the pits. It can be incredibly annoying to have your hair break easily. Hemp oil is able to assist your when it is excessively dry and becomes weak by maintaining its natural texture. This makes the scalp more able to support your hair.

Moisturizes Your Scalp and Hair

And last but not least hemp oil provides moisture. In order to have the healthiest hair possible your hair needs to have the right amount of moisture to keep its lush and full look. This is always a problem in the drier and colder parts of the year when your hair is more likely to dry out and become brittle. Hemp oil for hair will prevent loss of water and at the same time provide moisture for your hair and scalp. Added to that it’s easily absorbed by your hair and scalp so you’re not left with a mess of sticky hair.

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