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Hemp Seeds What Are The Benefits

Hemp Seeds – What are the Benefits

Hemp seeds benefits are many and plentiful. This is not a recent phenomenon either. Long before the modern craze surrounding CBD and hemp oil people were using hemp seeds for benefits they might not have even been aware they had. Of course, now with scientific studies being done all the time we’re learning so much more. We have verified research we can point to with the highest level of hemp seed knowledge yet. Below are just a few of the benefits to be gained from incorporating hemp seeds into your life.

Healthier Hormones

Inside of hemp seeds is a little thing called gamma-linolenic acid or GLA. This is a key component for some prostaglandins and a wonderful addition to the plethora of hemp seed benefits. Prostaglandins help deal with inflammation, body temperatures and other helpful functions of the body. Over the past number of years it has been surmised in the scientific community that GLA supplementation is incredibly positive for the health of our hormones. It can help people with skin allergies, obesity, stress, and even heart disease.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Another wonderful development we’ve seen over the last few years is how beneficial it can be to use hemp seeds for arthritic pain. Researchers have found that hemp seeds and hemp seed oil can be highly effective in relieving the pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis. They found that using hemp seeds to treat arthritic patients lowered the survival rate of the cells that promulgate rheumatoid arthritis. At certain doses it was even found that the hemp seed derivatives could produce cell death in these problematic cells.


Many of us suffer with our digestion, it can be a debilitating problem that few really want to talk about. However, hemp seeds are high in fiber that provides your gastrointestinal system with material to keep things ticking along smoothly. High fiber foods such as hemp seeds can relieve those suffering from constipation. This is another hemp seed benefit you can avail of.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is something that will affect many of us in our life times. Whether we are one of the people who will suffer from it or one of those whose family or friends may undergo treatment, cancer affects everyone. But there is more hope for the future of cancer treatment. In the British Journal of Cancer a report was published showing findings by researchers that point to a theory that hemp seed oil could stop or possibly reverse brain cancer. And another study was done that showed the positive effect hemp oil can have for those suffering from breast cancer.

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