Healthy Hemp Oil What to Look For

Healthy Hemp Oil: What To Look For

There are so many hemp oil companies out there today and with so many producers there are going to be more and more companies scrambling to attract your business. The hunt for high quality hemp oil is well and truly on. Because it’s such a new industry there just aren’t the same industry standards as there are for other products. It’s more important than ever to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

So what can you do to become a more clued-in shopper? Well, below we’ve compiled a couple of key elements for you to look out for when deciding on some brand new hemp oil to invest in.


So let’s start right at the beginning; where is the hemp oil coming from? Sourcing your hemp is definitely up there with one of the first things you should be looking out for when checking out a new brand. The quality of your oil is going to be determined by the plant. Of course you can get decent oil from industry-grade hemp but the very best quality oils come from farms that try to meet high organic standards and use certified organic production processes. Isodiol produces some of the highest quality hemp oil on the planet.


If a company is just looking for the fastest buck possible for their hemp they will likely use the cheapest method. What’s unfortunate for their unlucky customers is that these methods will likely use toxic solvents that could have detrimental effects on the health of those taking them due to residual compounds that are hard to remove. But if you find a company that uses Supercritical CO2 extraction (this utilizes carbon dioxide under high pressure and high temperature until it is in a supercritical state) then you know you are getting much purer hemp oil. This whole process is much more expensive but the results are of the highest quality.


Entirely dependent on the method of use, bioavailability is the specific reaction that you can expect from hemp oil once it reaches its intended target. So whether you’re using a cream, a balm, a tincture, or taking capsules with a handful of nuts it may improve the bioavailability of your hemp. Generally speaking, the higher the quality the oil is the easier it is to maximise the bioavailability of the oil. High quality oils used with a tincture seems to provide a high level of bioavailability, but be sure to check the oils and delivery methods you use.

These are just a few key elements to think about to help you make an informed decision about what to look for in a healthy hemp oil.