Pot-O-Coffee Light It Up – Decaf – K-Cup


Light It Up in a K-Cup and experience fully-caffeinated Brazilian light medium roast coffee with medium body, featuring Heneplex™ full spectrum hemp complex.

Each box comes with 12 k-cups

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Sourced from high atop the rolling hills of Brazil, this light medium roasted Brazilian-inspired decaf coffee will light up your day with its bright, full flavor, medium body, and smooth flavor. Now that it’s in a K-Cup, you can experience the convenience, of this Heneplex™-infused coffee, too!

Each box comes with 12 k-cups

  1. Fill the water reservoir of Keurig coffee maker (if necessary).
  2. Insert Light It Up – Decaf K-Cup® into the front/top of the machine.
  3. Place coffee mug or cup on the tray at the bottom center.
  4. Choose mug size (if coffee maker provides this option).
  5. Press “Brew” button to start brewing coffee.
  6. Open coffee chamber and remove used K-Cup®.
  7. Enjoy a freshly-brewed, single serving of Light It Up – Decaf.

Arabica coffee grounds, HENEPLEX™ hemp complex, natural flavors