IsoDerm™ Neuro Support CBD & 1.5% β-Caryophyllene


NEURO SUPPORT with CBD and β-caryophyllene provides balanced relief and support when applied to the back of the neck.

This unique formulation may positively affect certain neurological conditions as well as general pain and inflammation by targeting specific nerves.

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For balanced relief and support, NEURO SUPPORT with CBD and β-caryophyllene delivers a powerful blend of ingredients that target CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system to relieve and soothe affected areas. When applied to the back of the neck at the hairline, the product is absorbed quickly and is more effective. Specially-formulated by a neurologist, NEURO SUPPORT CBD & 1.5% β-caryophyllene with Direct Effects™ advanced technology goes to work fast and with a purpose.

β-caryophyllene has been studied and science has shown that it has anti-inflammatory properties and may protect individual cell linings. When combined with CBD, the effects of this terpene are heightened and overall health and wellness is improved.