IsoDerm™ Neuro Support 3% β-Caryophyllene


NEURO SUPPORT with β-caryophyllene delivers all-natural relief specially formulated to work fast.

Formulated by a neurologist, NEURO SUPPORT 3% β-caryophyllene with Direct Effects™ technology works with a purpose and targets specific nerves in the back and neck.

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NEURO SUPPORT with 3% β-caryophyllene provides all-natural relief in a patent-pending delivery system. β-caryophyllene is a potent terpene that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. It has been shown to be active on a number of receptor targets in the body and may provide unique neurological support.

Fast-acting THC-free relief is just a few pumps away with this innovative and effective formulation designed to provide soothing relief and improved wellness. For years, the effects of β-caryophyllene have been studied and real science has shown that the terpene has anti-inflammatory properties and may protect individual cell linings.