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Cold Brew
Pot-O-Coffee™ Cold Brew is naturally sweet and contains no additional sugars or artificial sweeteners. Experience a refreshing coffee with low acidity and the added benefit of more caffeine for increased energy!
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Light Medium Roast

Light It Up – Decaf – Cold Brew

Brazil Coffee, Medium Body

Experience a bright Brazilian coffee with medium body – in a cold brew. Light It Up with this light medium decaf roast supported by Heneplex™.

Each box contains 2 Cold Brew pouches


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Sourced from high atop the rolling hills of Brazil, this light medium roasted Brazilian-inspired decaffeinated coffee is sure to light up your day with its naturally-sweet, medium body brew that’s big on flavor and has a smooth finish.

Each box contains 2 Cold Brew pouches

Tip: Use one pouch per every half gallon you wish to brew.

  1. Fill pitcher or jug with desired amount of water.
  2. Add Light It Up – Decaf cold brew pouch to water (do not open pouch) Be gentle with each pouch.
  3. Leave coffee mix in refrigerator to brew overnight (at least 12 hours).
  4. Pour and enjoy!

Arabica coffee grounds, HENEPLEX™ hemp complex, natural flavors