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ChewIT TM 3-Pack

Sample an assortment of tasty edibles in the form of ChewIT ™ CBD chews and gummies! This variety pack features the healthy benefits of hemp in three delicious fruit flavors. Keep your mind focused and your body balanced with ChewIT ™!

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These delicious gummy treats are more than just another edible. ChewIT ™ delivers 150mg of CBD per bag and they taste great. They also provide a full spectrum of the unique and powerful benefits of pure CBD.

The variety pack of ChewIT ™ includes three delicious varieties:

    • Watermelon sour chews
    • Sour and sweet chews
    • Sour rainbow belts

ChewIT ™ gummies are packed with electrolytes to help your body recover faster and they’re also high in alkaline which helps neutralize acid and balance the body and mind. These edible chews are THC-free and produce no psychotropic effects, so you never have to worry about getting high from snacking.

Enjoy this variety of CBD chews as you would any other sweet treat – but with the added benefit of 150mg of CBD per bag!