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Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™


BIOACTIVE HEMP OIL™ is a concentrate of ISO99™ and has one of the highest concentration & quality of CBD among the products available in the market. In addition, it is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.

What Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™ offers:

  • A Super easy way to use hemp oil
  • An option to be added in your favorite beverage
  • Availability in 500mg, 1250mg & 2500mg



We use pure, natural, non-GMO and THC-free ISO99 formulated 

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BIOACTIVE ADAPTOGENIC HEMP OIL™ is a concentrate of ISO99™ MCT Oil derived from Organic Coconuts and cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil. This Bioactive tincture is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.


ISO99 BIOACTIVE ANHYDROUS HEMP OIL is derived from European Certified Organic Hemp. This ensures the highest quality product from Seed to Crystalline for formulation into finished products. All ISO99 is guaranteed for purity and safety by a third-party laboratory.


Pipette for CBD oil CBD Strength CBD Food Supplement
Quick and easy way to use hemp oil Available in various strengths Can be added to food and beverage


Bioactivity is a specified reaction that happens when the compound reaches its intended target. Every process used from Seed To Crystalline assures the highest Bioactivity possible with ISO99.


Raw Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil ISO99
(BIOACTIVE ANHYDROUS HEMP OIL) Medium Chain Triglycerides (from organic coconuts)


Shake well, then squeeze the dropper top to fill the pipette with oil. Dispense the oil under your tongue, swish it around a little or let it sit for 60 seconds, then swallow. Take before breakfast, and right before bedtime.


ISO99™ is extracted using Proprietary Extraction Processing that protects the molecule from being denatured during the process and ensures the highest possible bioactivity.

We are committed to sustainable agriculture, sourcing our raw ingredients only from NON-GMO crops grown without pesticides and herbicides. As one of the largest suppliers worldwide, we’re proud to offer the most bioactive and purest product from Seed To Crystalline™.

Concentration 500mg, 1250mg, 2500mg

500mg, 1250mg, 2500mg