Customer Rewards Program

Below are some FAQ’s that might help you learn more about the Customer Rewards Program

Question : How do I use my Customer Rewards account?

Answer: Log into your account on Click on “MY BOUNCE LINKS” and type in the provided URL. Click “Generate Your Referral Link” and use that to send to friends and family
If there’s a sales promotion from Isodiol, use that promotion URL. You can also create a link at anytime using

Question: How does a Referral Link work.

Answer: When your friends and family click on the link and complete a purchase, you website and receive referral credit when they make a purchase. Everytime they purchase using that same email address, you’ll automatically receive credit for their purchase. You can see purchase history when you login.

Question : Do I earn rewards when someone makes a purchase using store credit?

Answer : Yes. There is no rewards difference when someone makes a purchase using store credit.

Question : Do I have to use my referrer's link every time I order to make certain they are getting credit?

Answer : No. At present - though we reserve the right to change elements of the program at any time - we have Lifetime Commissions. This means that once a customer has been attributed to a particular referrer, that referrer will receive credit for all purchases by that customer in the future, no matter what link or method they use to arrive on the website.

Question : Where should I direct support questions?

Answer : [email protected]

Sending an email to [email protected] is the fastest and most effective way to handle all support issues.

For more information and FAQ’s regarding the Customer Rewards Program you can go to Our CBD Mission Facebook Group: