Scott Mertz, Account Manager

With a solid history in the hemp industry, sales, and physical therapy, Scott has developed a skill set that perfectly equips him as a part of the team here at Isodiol. In his free time, he loves snow boarding and enjoying his hot tub. The summer months find him enjoying just about anything in the outdoors. Rounding out his interests on an intriguing note, he adds, “Every year my wife and I run a very large sound camp at Burning Man, which takes up any spare time I’m not working.” He also enjoys spending family-time with his adult daughter, Dillin.

Professional History

Scott was one of the first Account Managers to join Isodiol’s team. He was the Business Development Manager for Hemp Deposit and Distribution Corporation (HDDC) prior to coming on board with Isodiol in the very early stages. “Prior to that,” he adds, “I had been in the music business, working in artist management. I have worked in sales most of my life as a way to supplement my income. When I am not working for Isodiol, I own and operate a physical therapy practice with my wife of 29 years.”

At Isodiol, we know that anything you want to endure must be built on integrity. We partner with team members who share this conviction. “Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of my method of sales, and of Isodiol itself,” says Scott Mertz of his work with our company. We stand with pride on this foundation with our likeminded team.

scott mertz account managerPersonal background and experience with cannabinoid wellness support

Scott first became aware of the hemp and cannabinoid wellness industry during his time with HDDC. That experience helped him to understand the importance of taking a business approach in “an industry that can be otherwise unprofessional, in many cases” he says. “While running a large team of professionals, I learned all the amazing things about the hemp plant and how it can help those in need with various wellness measures.”

Why he chose to work with Isodiol

“While working with HDDC, I hired a personal friend who I believed would be an amazing asset to my team. That person is Jared Berry, who is now the CEO of Isodiol,” recalls Scott. This connection supports the what-goes-around-comes-around idea. After Jared started Isodiol, he repaid the favor, hiring Scott to assist with sales and work as the first warehouse manager. “I have seen this company grow and become the premier manufacturer in the industry. I believe in the values that we at Isodiol have come to expect.”

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

Scott feels that working with his fellow sales associates and the Isodiol management team has brought a sense of teamwork and family that is very rare in corporate America. “It’s always a pleasure helping Isodiol grow the business and support people’s wellness efforts and manufacturing needs, all while helping myself grow.”
Long term vision and goals

“My goals here at Isodiol are to provide unmatched service and quality products to my customers. Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of my method of sales, and of Isodiol itself,” Scott says. “I want to continue to help Isodiol grow to become a household name.”

Driving motivation and passion

“Too many in this industry operate recklessly and with one purpose in mind. Profit! I am here to bring a product I believe in to people who need it,” Scott concludes with pride.