Michael Silvia, Director of Sales

While Michael Silvia’s official title is Director of Sales, the man is so much more. He brings incredible value to Isodiol with his immense understanding of the science behind cannabidiol, human physiology, and the endocannabinoid system. This man of many talents leads an active life outside of work, too. “I love spending my free time outdoors where I can appeal to my innate sense of adventure and recharge my batteries. Whether it be backpacking with just my dog or with a group of my closest friends and family, I enjoy being in the remote wilderness the most! It offers rare moments to reflect on my life and purpose. I also love soccer and have managed a successful amateur men’s team in Scottsdale for the last 6 years. I also like to sing and play guitar for my kids. Last but not least, my amazing family keeps me busy and serves as my most important source of inspiration and motivation!”

Professional History

Michael is a proven sales & business development management professional with 20+ years of sales, business development, sales, sales management, and operations experience. His experience also spans several disciplines including Biotechnology, Environmental Services, Chemistry, Analytical Equipment Manufacturing, and, most recently, the commercial horticultural/ hemp-CBD/cannabis related industry. His track record includes a proven ability to develop and increase revenue through the management of both direct sales campaigns and traditional distribution channels. Michael also has exemplary talents managing relationships and negotiating with critical accounts and vendors.


Personal background and experience with cannabinoid wellness support

Michael has long been an advocate for the declassification of phytocannabinoids from the Controlled Substances Act, as well as for freedom of individual rights in choice of medicine for nearly two decades. Michael has experienced the benefits of phytocannabinoids in a number of ways through the years.
Since switching to phytocannabinoids, Michael wakes up every morning fresh, rested and ready for any challenge. He calls this change, “a stark difference from the grogginess and lack of energy I woke up with after using pharmaceuticals.” He goes on to say, “It is the hypocrisy of a system that supports big-pharma drugs, while marginalizing natural wellness support,” that motivates Michael every day to affect positive change in this country.


Introduction to Isodiol

Michael first stumbled onto Isodiol and its products while holding the position of Vice President of Sales for another firm in the hemp/cannabis industry, which also manufactured consumer-ready cannabidiol-infused products. Michael had countless negative experiences dealing with others in the space representing themselves as the “manufacturers” of CBD and others who admitted they were merely “brokers”. Michael was just about ready to give up on the industry. It was at that point a respected mutual acquaintance in the industry connected Michael with the CEO of Isodiol, Jared Berry. Jared had encountered a series of misfortunes in sourcing federally compliant CBD, and Michael knew he could be of help.

Why he chose to work with Isodiol

Michael was quickly impressed by both the consistency of quality of Isodiol’s products as well as the integrity of its supporting documentation. But, by far what was most impressive about Isodiol was its ability to supply large volumes with extremely reasonable lead times. From there, in his position at that time, Michael began sourcing bulk cannabidiol from Isodiol on a regular basis.
Fortunately for both parties, within a year of forming the supply relationship Michael was ready for change. He reached out to Isodiol regarding opportunities to align with Isodiol directly, which had a much more promising future. With his combination of technical knowledge, professionalism, and industry-specific experience, it was easy for Isodiol to conclude they wanted Michael to join their team.

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

Whether in the office or making connections at expos or in the field, Michael expresses unwavering commitment to the industry and to Isodiol. “I enjoy the culture at Isodiol because our team is full of intelligent, passionate, creative, open-minded individuals who are all well-aware of the opportunity our organization has to play a pivotal role in bringing phytocannabinoid therapies to the mainstream marketplace.”


Long term vision and goals

Michael sees his work in this industry in terms of the big and a far reaching perspective. “As a parent of two children, I aim to leave the world better than I found it. I believe being such an integral part of an industry leader like Isodiol, puts me in a position to steward the direction of the industry and to leave a legacy of promoting peace and liberty, in particular in the areas of individual health and economic rights. I hope my children one day will look on their daddy with pride when they realize he was on the right side of history when the end of Cannabis prohibition is discussed in their classrooms.”

Driving motivation and passion

Michael is the perfect fit for the culture and vision of Isodiol because he is driven by a shared motivation. “My passion comes from educating others and using information to affect positive change around me. I love soliciting that ‘ah ha!’ moment from customers and coworkers alike.”
Isodiol is proud to have Michael as such an integral part of our team and looks forward to forging more positive ground in this growing industry.