Les Howlett, Account Manager

Les is an Account Manager with Isodiol. In this role, though, he is also fulfilling a much bigger purpose and passion in his life. He became involved in the cannabidiol industry in 2012 after losing his best friend to a seizure that resulted from a severe brain injury. It was then that Les felt compelled to enter the realm of cannabinoid wellness support. He started his own hemp products business and ended up making the connections that got him involved with Isodiol. “I always say, if I can educate just one person and it helps them, it’s all worth it to me. I have to do something positive with my friend’s memory and make his life endure.”

Introduction to Isodiol

Les was already friends with a couple of the team members at Isodiol when he suffered a heart attack. “I reached out to them knowing I wanted and needed the best cannabidiol products I could get my hands on,” he says. Now he enjoys helping others enjoy the benefits of cannabinoid wellness support.


Why he chose to work with Isodiol

“I wanted to be in the industry…and simple! Why work for someone or something if it isn’t the best!” says Les.

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

Les is passionate about helping people and says there is nothing like seeing someone’s success with Isodiol’s products. “I am passionate about hemp/CBD because it is a way to give back to others. And I do it in memory of my best friend Jon. I’m so confident in cannabidiol and Isodiol’s products that I started my own business, 308 Hemp, in Jon’s memory, too. Isodiol’s products are the main focus of 308 Hemp because I know they help people.”
Long term vision and goals


Driven by a desire to build enduring relationships and bring value to people, Les looks forward to building a great team of clients/customers that become friends, as well. He loves working for a company that allows him the freedom and flexibility to also pursue his love of travel. He explains, “I have always been fascinated with different aspects of the world and I would love to travel and enjoy life with my wife while also building my Isodiol team and expanding my 308 Hemp business.”


Driving motivation and passion

Les feels completely confident about why he does what he does. “I am a very giving person and I am always looking for more ways to help in my community. So I would love to be able to make a bigger impact. And I know that Isodiol’s products and cutting-edge technology will help me do that.”

Isodiol is proud to have Les and his heartfelt drive as part of the culture and vision we are building.