Greg Boucouvalas, Account Manager

Greg has a long history in the field of nutrition and natural healthcare options. Currently, as pharmacist and nutritional/supplement consultant at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness and Kennebunk Village Pharmacy in Maine, Greg is positioned to address patients’ prescriptive and nutritive needs. In addition, he also guest lectures at the University of New England’s College of Pharmacy and School of Dentistry. In his personal time, he enjoys golfing, when the east coast weather allows. More predictably, he laces up his skates and hits the ice for some hockey.

Professional History

As a Pharmacist, Greg has spent over 30 years working in various, local community pharmacies—from independent and chain, to supermarket and traditional, to voluntary free-clinic services, and the current hybrid model. He is also silent-partner in a health-food store. He calls himself a “life-long student of the integrative medical sciences.”

His passion for healthy living and natural healthcare spans several decades. In 1997 he cofounded Neighborhood Health & Herbs, a natural “farmacy” located in his hometown of Saco, ME in order to promote the science-based use of nutrients and botanical medicines. In 2007, Greg enrolled into the University of Bridgeport Nutrition Institute to pursue his Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. In 2008, Greg was one of the founding partners of Apothecary by Design, an integrative pharmacy that offered compounding, nutritional, retail, and specialty services.

With dietary supplements now entrenched in the American mainstream, prescription and natural medicines have become integrated, a combination that Greg says, “requires careful consideration and guidance.” To responsibly provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, Greg reads voraciously and attends seminars whenever possible. He is a student of luminaries in the field of holistic medicine:  Functional Medicine Pioneer – Jeffrey Bland PhD, Botany Expert – James Duke PhD, and Integrative Medicine Expert – Tieraona Low Dog MD, among others.

At Isodiol, we are proud that our integrity speaks for itself and attracts upstanding team members. “I came across the Isodiol site and was immediately impressed with the company’s transparency in regard to their sourcing and ongoing testing, not only for the cannabinoid content but also for environmental toxins, molds, heavy metals etc.,” recalls Greg Boucouvalas. This experience led him to join Isodiol.
Personal background and experience with cannabinoid wellness support

Greg became involved in the cannabinoid wellness industry when, a couple years ago, a pharmacy client came to him with a sample of a hemp oil product from another company. Doing his research on hemp oil, Greg said he realized that there was so much more to cannabis than THC. “I was fascinated by the description of the phytocomplexity of the hemp plant.” When this 70-year old man returned, he said he had taken the same oil to a lab for testing and discovered it contained no cannabidiol. That’s when Greg dove in to see if he could help the man.

“I came across the Isodiol site and was immediately impressed with the company’s transparency in regard to their sourcing and ongoing testing, not only for the cannabinoid content but also for environmental toxins, molds, heavy metals etc. Shortly thereafter, I applied for and was granted wholesale account status and got a small amount of product to provide to this man. I had a few technical questions, which led to a couple of phone conversations with Michael Silvia, Director of Sales. He was also kind enough to set up a conference call with an out of state compounding pharmacy/pharmacist that was very educational. I was impressed by Michael’s encyclopedic knowledge of cannabinoid science, in general, AND the generosity of his time. This overall integrity led me to join the Isodiol team.”

Why he chose to work with Isodiol

“It was primarily Michael Silvia’s level of professionalism that compelled me to join Isodiol,” says Greg. “My sense is that if Michael chooses to be part of the Isodiol organization, this is an organization worth being a part of.”

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

Greg sees the rapidly expanding field of cannabinoid science and wellness products as a natural extension of his life’s work in holistic and nutritional wellness.

Long term vision and goals

“I want to expand my network and be a good ambassador for the company and industry. And this field is a fit for me, as I intend to keep learning and expanding my knowledge as a life-long student.”

Driving motivation and passion

With a global in inclusive perspective on his life’s mission, Greg quotes song lyrics by Hunter and Garcia when asked what motivates and inspires him. “LITTLE WHEEL TURN BY THE FIRE AND ROD, BIG WHEEL TURN BY THE GRACE OF GOD”.