Gina Calderoni, Sales and Support Relations

Gina brings a passion for holistic health and a love of plant-based wellness to her work. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts minor in Psychology and a Certificate in Interactive Media and Design. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and Aromatherapist. Starting off in administrative support here at Isodiol, she quickly exemplified the giving spirit and growth potential found in each of our team members. She is now an in-house Sales Representative, assisting customers with everything from retail and wholesale support, and helping facilitate sales, overall. Gina loves the healthy, active lifestyle she finds here in San Diego.

Professional History

Before joining the Isodiol team, she worked for Purity Apothecary and Bella Vie candles at Farmer’s Markets around San Diego, selling essential oil blends. When she first started getting questions about cannabinoids and how they support wellness, she had no idea what people were talking about. But their consistent passion for and curiosity about the subject inspired her to do her own research. What she found inspired her. “From that point on, I was intrigued!” she says. She even worked at a medical cannabis dispensary for a while.

Introduction to Isodiol

Fortunately, Gina has a connection to Janay Cherry, our Sales Manager, that goes way back. “A few years ago, I gifted her and her fiancé some homemade natural cuticle cream made with peppermint oil and organic eucalyptus. Early last year when Isodiol was growing and they needed an admin support person, Janay offered me the position that changed my life. We are also both DJs and have crushed quite a few shows together!” The team that plays together stays together!

Isodiol is as strong as the team that sustains it. And we are proud to have determined people standing with us. “I’ve always believed in the power of plant healing and was put on this earth to heal the world, make it a better place,” says Gina Calderoni.

Why she chose to work with Isodiol

“Working for Isodiol is pretty much a dream come true,” says Gina. She is grateful that her love of holistic wellness made her a match for Isodiol. “I became so excited when I learned about nanotechnology and the biotech advances at a molecular level that place Isodiol at the forefront of innovation.” She shares this knowledge and enthusiasm with her clients whenever she gets the chance.

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

“I can honestly say I enjoy coming in to work every day,” Gina says with a smile. She feels environment is the perfect corporate setting tempered with a “slightly chill vibe with a sprinkle of laid back environment. And I don’t think it’s just me; people here are NICE, funny, and hard working.” She says her colleagues get the job done. If they run into a problem, they look for and find solutions. “I’ve worn many hats around here because that’s my mentality: no job is too big or small. What’s not to love?”

Long term vision and goals

Gina Calderoni in Lab

Gina says she is awestruck at the benefits of cannabinoid wellness support and also in disbelief over the degree of attempted suppression of the industry. “My goal has always been to educate the public about the benefits of healing with plants and let people know that there are other alternatives to using pharmaceuticals. My goal is to reach out and help people by having Isodiol’s products in everyone’s household around the globe.”

Driving motivation and passion

“I’ve always believed in the power of plant healing and was put on this earth to heal the world, make it a better place. Natural care is a sustainable way of life,” Gina says, with unwavering determination. We are proud to have her determined mindset as an integral part of our team and our culture.