Christina E. Banman, Account Manager

Christina brings a strong sales background to her work with us at Isodiol. Those skills combined with her compassion for people and her love of a healthy, active lifestyle makes her the perfect match for the growth and vision of this company. In her personal time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking and wine-tasting, playing at the beach, spending time with family, and continually learning about hemp and cannabinoids.

Professional History

As a licensed real estate agent with Sotheby’s since 2014, Christina embodies both the logistical and networking skills to help her connect with a multitude of people and to deliver the knowledge and customer service that our partnerships require and deserve. In addition, she recently started producing for an event catering and production company in Los Angeles.

Personal background and experience with cannabinoid wellness support

Christina had been familiar with cannabis—hemp and marijuana—since 2008 but didn’t have any firsthand experience until later when her brother was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy. The changing laws allowed him access to cannabinoid support in order to help his journey back to wellness.

As our team and company continue to experience phenomenal growth, we are enjoying the enthusiasm that supports the journey. “I’m so happy that I get to be a part of helping people and impacting lives for the better!” says Christina Banman. We look forward to an amazing 2017!

Christina Banman - Isodiol Account Manager
Christina Banman with here niece and nephews.

Why she chose to work with Isodiol

“I believe in the help and overall lifestyle support that Isodiol can bring to people,” says Christina. She became connected to Isodiol after attending the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in late summer 2016 in Los Angeles with her father. There they heard Dr. Tonkin speak in support of cannabinoid wellness and explain how he uses Isodiol’s products in his medical practice. Dr. Tonkin has partnered with Isodiol to create Isodiol Medical and its proprietary line of products. “My father is a physician, so this information was incredibly interesting to him. After the talk, we went down to the Isodiol booth, started chatting with the Isodiol team, and the rest is history.”
Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

“I love how passionate everyone is,” says Christina. “I feel lucky enough to live close enough that I can go into the office and spend time with the people because they are all wonderful!”

christina banman isodiol
Christina Banman Isodiol

Long-term vision and goals

Christina would like to see cannabinoid wellness products gain more of a presence in the medical community. “We can create more positive change when more doctors seek education about cannabinoid wellness options and incorporate appropriate products into their practices.” She also adds, “One day hemp waters will be on grocery store shelves!”

Driving motivation and passion

“I’m passionate and driven about what I do because every time I get a thank you email or call from a contact/account saying how our products have changed their lives or the life of a significant other, it almost moves me to tears. I’m so happy that I get to be a part of helping people and impacting lives for the better.”