Bob Klein, Account Manager

A passionate snowboarder since the mid 1970s, Bob has dedicated his life to snowboarding and the business that surrounds it. He has held numerous positions in the action sports industry. From sales rep to general manager to retail shop owner, instructor, and pro rider, Bob has a legacy that can’t be matched. He also enjoys skateboarding, mountain biking, road biking, hockey, hiking, cooking, healthy living, spending time with close friends, and enjoying life! With his years of experience, he has come to appreciate the value of overall natural wellness support. He feels that partnering with Isodiol is a perfect complement to his work with snowboarding/extreme sports.

At Isodiol, we continually build our brand, culture, and wellness products on a solid foundation, and we are proud to build our team with likeminded professionals, like Bob Klein. “I liked the combination of passion and scientific knowledge I saw in Isodiol. I am very excited to be constantly learning more and empowering others in their own wellness efforts.”

Professional History

Bob’s sales experience runs long in the snowboarding world. Developing sales strategies and territories for brands such as Palmer, Santa Cruz and Apocalypse, Bob knows what it takes to drive sales through relationships, persistence, and consistency. Moving into the cannabinoid wellness industry is a natural fit for Bob, as there are numerous similarities to the action sports industry. In this exciting growth period, Bob is thrilled to work with Isodiol.

He owned Sessions Snowboard Shop in Denver, CO in the late 80’s, giving Bob retail and sales experience. Bob began representing professional athletes in 1988, when his friend Shaun Palmer asked for help negotiating a contract. He went on to work with Shaun through his entire snowboard and mountain bike careers, helping Shaun earn record setting contracts with numerous high profile brands such as Swatch, Oakley,  JVC, Spy, Fox Racing, Puma, Vans and many more. In 2000, he partnered with Peter Carlisle, forming the strongest agent partnership in action sports. Focusing on snowboarding’s participation in the Olympics, Bob and Peter had great success with clients like Danny Kass, Ross Powers, Kelly Clark, Nate Holland, Seth Wescott, Hannah Teter, and many more. Peter is Octagon’s Director of Olympic and Action Sports. Notably, he has been Michael Phelps’ agent since 2002.

Personal background and experience with cannabinoid wellness support

Bob became intrigued with cannabinoid wellness support as stories and reports began to circulate in mainstream news and social media. “I recall seeing stories on applications for a broad spectrum of issues and felt compelled to do more of my own research. I am impressed with the potential of cannabinoid support products. I look forward to more scientific research on applications, especially for contact sports/sports-related injuries I believe we will come across more scientific information that will point towards homeostasis through a balanced endocannabinoid system.”

Why he chose to work with Isodiol

At the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo in Los Angeles in fall of 2016, Bob heard NFL Veteran Marvin Washington speak on opioid addiction and healthy alternatives available with cannabinoid products. “I felt I could be an action sports advocate for this industry, and Marvin seemed very passionate and well spoken, so I wanted to meet him. He introduced me to Troy Nihart. We spoke briefly and he introduced me to more of the team. I liked the combination of passion and scientific knowledge I saw in Isodiol. I am very excited to be constantly learning more and empowering others in their own wellness efforts.”

Why working with Isodiol is fulfilling and motivating

“Isodiol is organized in a proprietary and legal fashion that no other cannabinoid wellness brand can match, in either product range or marketing. I appreciate the fact the company was carefully established with all certifications and legal due-diligence in place. I am confident about this company and my role in it.”

Long term vision and goals

Bob sees the big picture for his role with Isodiol. “I would like to establish myself as a reliable and knowledgeable rep for the brand. I hope to create a base of reliable contacts both in the action sports world and beyond who can benefit from our products. I look forward to providing customer service at the highest level.”

Driving motivation and passion

Bob’s intelligence and insight have led him to a broad range of interests. In the sports world and in business, in general, his inexhaustible drive and ability to work as part of a team continually propel him to excellence. “I pride myself in maintaining my colleagues’ values and priorities, even in the face of competitive pressure and short-term sacrifice. And I look forward to the fruits of my commitment to this industry with Isodiol. ”

Isodiol considers Bob a tremendous addition to our team and looks forward to forging new territory with him.