Franco Columbo

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Boxing Champion

From humble beginnings as a young shepherd and farmer on the Italian island of Sardinia to amateur boxing champion, bodybuilding world champion, world record-holding power lifter, actor, director, and chiropractor, Franco Columbu has lived an undeniably compelling life – at the highest level.

An expert in a variety of fields, Franco has become a prominent consultant in the areas of weight training and muscle fitness, especially. He recently joined forces with ISO-SPORT™, a specialized brand of ISODIOL® dedicated to ensuring that athletes around the world have access to the finest CBD in the best formulations while working to increase global awareness about the powerful benefits of all-natural, hemp-based products.

Franco’s passion for physical excellence and elite performance extends far beyond the actual activities themselves; he’s a dedicated advocate for the intricate science behind training both amateur and professional athletes. Similarly, the ISO-SPORT™ brand features unique products that are the result of years of dedicated research for athletes who demand the very best from themselves and their performance.

ISO-SPORT™ is pleased to welcome Franco to the team and is confident that this exciting partnership will continue the ongoing mission of education while bringing top-of-the-line CBD performance products to athletes of all kinds across the globe.

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