Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Hemp Seeds

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Hemp Seeds

As nutritious as they are delicious, hemp seeds can be enjoyed in countless ways and have truly earned their right as one of nature’s superfoods. The tasty treat can be easily added to your salads and smoothies or if you fancy your hand at baking why not try some hemp seed bread or protein balls. Hemp seed – or hemp hearts as they’re also known- are a great source of protein and have been a part of the diet in many cultures around the world for some years.

[ads1]Hemp contains only small trace amounts of CBD and even less of the psychoactive substance THC weighing in at less than 1%. You can even incorporate hemp seeds into your diet if you’re being drug tested, and don’t worry it is totally legal to eat them.

The hearts are loaded with essential fats, vitamins, and enzymes making them ideal for human consumption, so whilst they may not produce any narcotic effect they have several other amazing benefits.


A Complete Source of Protein

Hemp seeds top the protein charts with an impressive ten grams in just three tablespoons, which is almost double the amount found in chia and flax seeds. This protein is key for the building and repairing of our muscles.

Contains All Essential Amino Acids

The superfood-status seed contains all the essential amino acids which serve as a building block for the protein in your body. They also make sure that the protein is more readily absorbed and recognized by the body. These amino acids are responsible for vital functions such as tissue repair, breaking down food, and stabilizing  hormones.

Boosts Immunity

Due to a high concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6 hemp seed can act as an immunity booster. These fatty acids are essential for the transportation of oxygen to cells throughout the body. When the cells have more oxygen they are then better equipped to block bacterial, fungal and even viral infections.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Eating hemp seeds on a regular basis can even look after your heart and this, again, is down to the help of the omega fatty acids which are known for reducing platelet aggregation (the clumping together of platelets leading to the formation of a blood clot) and coronary heart disease (which may lead to a heart attack).

Additionally, hemp hearts have a high content of the essential fatty acid alpha-linoleic meaning they can also perform hormone like activity in regulating cell metabolism and cardiovascular function.

Promotes weight loss

If you’re struggling with your weight or just trying to shed a few pounds for summer, hemp seeds can help by working as a natural appetite suppressant that can aid weight loss. Further, consuming hemp seeds will fuel the body with a balanced dose of protein, fiber, vitamins and essential fats that can help you feel fuller for longer, curb your hunger pangs, and increase your metabolic rate.

Final Thoughts

Hemp seeds can be considered a nutritional powerhouse and in fact, beans, nuts, peas nor grains provide the nutritional scope that the seeds do, and if you haven’t already added them to your diet we highly suggest you do.

Hemp hearts can add a soft, rich, and nutty flavor to any meal, they’re also very convenient as they come ready to eat and require no cooking or prep. Just make sure once opened you store them in a fridge or freezer to lock in all the goodness.

You can also take advantage of some of the amazing benefits of the hemp plant by purchasing our hemp oil in tincture or oral spray.