Hemp Seed Oil: How Many Calories

Hemp Seed Oil: How Many Calories

It’s a well known fact that hemp seed oil is good for you and can produce a variety of positive health benefits, but if you’re counting calories, is the healthy fat a good option?

One serving of hemp seed oil (1 tbsp) typically contains around 100 calories which is less than olive oil, flaxseed oil and even the highly popular coconut oil. Hemp oil is technically a fat but this doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy, fat should make up a significant amount of everyone’s diet regardless of personal needs. Some diets such as the Atkins and Paleo diet even hail eating a high fat – low carb diet rich in foods like hemp, nuts, olives and avocados.

Weight loss (if that’s your goal) is a lengthy process and their isn’t just one miracle supplement that will melt those pounds away. Hemp oil however can help you cut out some empty calories and is high in the “good” omega fatty acids that can aid weight loss.

Incorporating Hemp Seed Oil Into Your Diet

A 100g serving of hemp seed oil comes in around 725 calories so it can definitely be enjoyed as part of your calorie deficit diet and don’t worry, it tastes great. The oil itself is an attractive green colour and has a nutty flavour which works great in a variety of dishes. Replacing your salad dressing with hemp seed oil in lieu of olive oil, caesar or vinaigrette will help you cut out some calories and increase your omega-3 intake.

Why You Should Be Eating Healthy Fats

Let’s be honest, fats are the best kind of food, almonds, bacon, meat, chocolate, you can’t go far wrong and there is no reason why we can’t enjoy them. The ‘good fats’ are typically refined animals fats, fat from fish and select fat from plants, these tend to include a higher portion of saturated fats or have a high concentration of omega-3s. Additionally, research from the Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods has shown that hemp oil in particular is “ideal for human nutrition”.

More Muscle

A diet high in healthy fats has a myriad of benefits and increased muscle is one of them. Including more beneficial fat in your diet can produce muscle gain by supporting hormone balance and recovery from intense exercise. A high fat diet can also elevate the growth hormone which inhibits muscle breakdown, winner!

Easier fat loss

It can now be said it’s widely accepted that we need to eat fat to lose fat and if your diet is high in fat whilst restricting carbs-  A daily carb intake of below 60%- you’ll reap better metabolic adaptations allowing you to keep the fat off.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Eating the ‘good fats’ optimises our macronutrient intake which can lead to improved glucose management and decreased inflammation putting you at less risk of cancer. And whilst cancer risk is influenced by a number of lifestyle factors you’ll be happy to know increased intake of whole fat foods will put you less at risk.

Further Benefits

Hemp seed oil is an easy and convenient way to incorporate healthy fats and omega-3 into your diet and the good news is it’s’ a lot cheaper than other sources. “Ideal for human nutrition” and with less calories than other comparable oils their is no reason you shouldn’t be adding the healthy oil to all of your meals.

Isodiol can help you with all of your hemp oil needs!

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