Hemp Protein: What You Need to Know

Hemp Protein: What You Need to Know

When you walk into the gym you’ll hear two things, first will be the clanking of weights and secondly, the shaking of protein bottles. You might wonder if you should be taking this supplement, but at the end of the day isn’t protein just for angry looking body builders? And you don’t want it to make you look really bulky. (If you’re a woman that is)

Powders, bars, and supplements have been taking over in the world of fitness and protein powders in particular are leading the pack. Whether you goal is to get toned, bulk up or shed a few pounds there are quite a few reasons you should be taking it. Protein can help you build muscle, – meaning you will look more toned- boost your metabolism and increase your overall health without the extra intake of other macronutrients.

Hemp Protein

So, why should you be choosing hemp protein over whey or casein? To start, it is a great option for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who suffers from dairy allergies such as lactose intolerance. Hemp is also one of the few plants based proteins that contains all eight amino acids. It is packed full of live enzymes, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Why You Should be Taking it

Hemp protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains a unique blend of the proteins albumin and edestin. These contain a series of essential and non-essential amino acids, all of which are needed by the human body. The amino acids are excellent muscle fuel and also contribute towards physiological processes.

Rich in Nutrients

Packed full of healthy nutrients hemp protein boosts the immune system and helps to protect us against disease and illness. It can improve circulation, speed up your metabolism and improve organ function as well as overall health. So not only is hemp protein ideal for muscle growth but also our general wellbeing.

Contains Heart-Healthy Fats

In particular, hemp protein is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and the 3:1 ratio in which they exist is ideal for human nutrition. The presence of these healthy fats can help promote cardiovascular health and linolenic acids also found in hemp protein can help prevent coronary heart disease.

It is a Plant Based Protein

If you’re avoiding animal based protein for one reason or another and want to build muscle you will need to ensure that you are getting enough protein. As well as being essential to our day to day function hemp protein provides a healthy alternative for vegetarians, is hypoallergenic and rich in nutrients and amino acids!

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