Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

First in the Cannabidiol Industry

Who is BSPG Laboratories?

A UK-based subsidiary of Isodiol®, BSPG Laboratories is a manufacturer of pure, natural CBD containing no THC as an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

BSPG Laboratories operates a GMP-compliant facility, maintaining industry standards while focusing on leading scientific and pharmaceutical methods.

With its recent MHRA-registered facility, BSPG Laboratories joins other global pharmaceutical companies recognized by regulatory bodies that protect and improve public health while supporting innovation through scientific research and development.

BSPG Laboratories is at the forefront of developing CBD as an API for pharmaceutical applications as well as research and clinical studies. Advancements made by BSPG Laboratories in the development of pure, natural CBD benefit the scientific and health care community – on a global level. BSPG also manufactures CBD-based Specials for various markets.

The Facility Approval

BSPG Laboratories was recently registered by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for producing Cannabidiol (CBD) as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for use in pharmaceutical applications for humans and animals.

The registration confirms the procedures and practices used are pharmaceutical-grade and the ingredients manufactured are qualified for use in the manufacturing of therapeutic drugs and in clinical studies.

What it Means

This sets BSPG Laboratories and Isodiol® apart from all other CBD companies globally to serve the need of pharmaceutical companies to develop CBD-based therapeutic products for humans and animals.

BSPG Laboratories is able to supply its pure, natural CBD to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

"One powerful ingredient,
many unique uses"

Facilities and Capabilities

BSPG Laboratories is headquartered in Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent, UK.

  • Purification
  • Analytical lab testing (chemical and physical)
  • ICH Stability
  • In-house Research and Development
  • Processing and Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Specials

BSPG Laboratories manufactures CBD-based specials for various markets.


Current Specials

200 mg/mL CBD in corn oil


Potential Specials

Additional strengths based on defined need can be considered.

Future of BSPG

Purpose-Built Facility
Maximum Flexibility
Sustainable Quality Standards

Future Goals

  • Identifying and purifying other unique cannabinoids
  • Validating processes and analytical methodologies

Expansion Plans

  • 21,000-square foot facility on-site at Discovery Park
  • Dedicated areas for 1st and 2nd re-crystallization
  • Research and development laboratory
  • New facility expected to be fully-operational September 2019

Interested In Purchasing Our API?

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