STEP 1: Refreshing CBD Facial Cleanser

This foaming, sulfate-free daily cleanser contains peptides and powerful CBD to help accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process for a clearer, more radiant complexion. Unclog pores and remove excess oils with this everyday facial cleanser.



STEP 2: Revitalizing CBD Toner

Renew the skin’s youthful radiance with this all-in-one toner, hydrator, and refresher. This revitalizing toner is packed with three powerful peptides, Vitamin C, and a super-fruit antioxidant blend. Promote firmness and elasticity and improve texture, smoothness, and hydration.


cannaceuticals-lip-eye-gel-1500px-110518 copy

STEP 3: Restoring CBD Eye & Lip Gel

Edelweiss and cannabidiol work together in this soothing gel to combat dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, and whistle lines for a smoother, more youthful look. This CBD-based hydrating gel tightens the look of eyelids and firms the appearance of both eye and lip contours. This unique product is formulated with the “power of spheres” – a proprietary delivery system – providing faster, more noticeable results.


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STEP 4: Regenerating CBD Serum

A micro-encapsulated, time-released delivery system provides noticeable results by improving the health of the skin. This exclusive serum helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles while dramatically improving texture and tone. Regenerate and restore youthful beauty with this regenerating solution formulated specifically for the CBD 7 skin care system.



STEP 5: Rejuvenating CBD Cream

Rejuvenate the look of tired, dull skin and renew a youthful glow with this lightweight cream featuring antioxidant-rich, micro-encapsulated, time-released CBD hemp oil. Encourage a more radiant complexion with improved texture, less noticeable lines, and sun-damaged discolorations.


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STEP 6: Repairing CBD Night Cream

This luxurious bedtime cream is a Swiss secret to enjoying a fresh glow. Add it to a regular skincare routine for a healthier, more youthful look. This ultra-moisturizing, nourishing cream is enriched with a proprietary blend of botanicals and CBD and contains the “power of spheres,” to ensure time-released delivery of powerful ingredients.


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STEP 7: Resurfacing CBD Enzyme Mask

Exfoliation is key to uncovering healthy, youthful skin. When dead skin cells block pores, the results can include blemished skin with a dull appearance. This resurfacing enzyme mask is a clay-based detoxifier that uses Nano-Burst Spheres™ as well as enzymatic exfoliation to revitalize dull, lifeless skin while removing stubborn dead skin cells. It also helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines, leaving the skin feeling naturally refreshed, nourished, and smooth.


Real Results
Many of our customers have noticed improvements in the conditions and health of their skin using the CannaCeuticals CBD 7 Skincare System.
"WOW! I tried the CBD 7 System and after 7 days I saw a glow - 3 months less lines - 6 months younger looking skin! I love Cannaceuticals!"
- Tanya M.
"My wife made me use this stuff and now my kids say I look younger - it WORKS."
- Brad E.