AquiVita ™ delivers a new function of water to life with invigorating beverages and beverage enhancers. All-natural refreshment is now available in three kinds of water, including CBD-powered, alkaline-rich, and spring varieties. Rejuvenate mind and body by adding delicious beverage-enhancing CBD drops to your favorite drink!
Quench Thirst
Reinvigorate Mind & Body
Promote Wellness
Heneplex ™
Infused 9+ pH
Mineral-rich and fortified with the natural essence of a powerful hemp complex, Heneplex™ has a high pH level and promotes natural healing. Additionally, it may naturally boost stamina and provide mental clarity while helping to balance overall wellness.
Spring Water
Naturally 8+ pH
Naturally high in pH, refreshing Spring water by AquiVita™ is drawn from crystal clear spring water from a protected source in Florida's Ocala National Forest. Enjoy a naturally-delicious choice for hydration and improved wellness.
Infused 9+ pH
Stay hydrated with a thirst-quenching, mineral-rich water featuring high alkaline content. Oxygen water tastes great and may naturally boost your mental alertness and energy while restoring homeostasis and improving the body's overall wellness.
CBD Beverage
750mg CBD per bottle
AquiVita™ flavored beverage enhancer is the perfect complement to your water or favorite drink! Each AquiVita™ Heneplex™ Beverage Enhancer contains 750mg of CBD, helping to boost your overall energy levels and maintain optimal wellness.